Hamby & Hamby Family Medical Clinic, PLLC

About Us

Dr. Jeffrey D. Hamby, M.D.
Dr. Jeffrey D. Hamby, M.D.
Dr. Hamby graduated from University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences in 1995. He completed his residency with AHEC-West in Fort Smith, Arkansas in 1998. He practiced emergency medicine for several years and continues to practice on the weekends.

He is board certified with the American Family Practice Association. He loves family practice and the continuity of treating patients over time. Dr. Hamby has specialty training in wound care, emergency medicine, and dermatology.

Dr. Hamby has a passion for medical missions. Over his tenure as a physician, he has traveled to many countries including China, Ecuador, and Costa Rica. He participates in very remote medical missions trips that reach many indigenous tribes never treated with modern medicine.

Dr. Hamby and his family have been members of the Van Buren community since 1995. He has a love for this community and its people. His children attend Van Buren public schools and the Hamby family attends a local church. 

Our Philosophy

At Hamby & Hamby, we believe that providing quality care is more than just a job, and getting to know you as an individual and a patient is our goal. We are passionate about treating with the highest quality care. Our attentive staff is here to help you get the treatment you need.   

"Providing Our Community with Quality Health Care."

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