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Old and new ice were identified within the first-year ice, with the old ice located in the west and the new ice in the east. Vast floes of ˃2 km diameter were encountered in the western part of the first-year ice area near the fast ice, indicating broken-out fast ice from further east to the established first-year pack. We did not find any evidence of direct forcing of the fast ice on the evolution of the pack.

  • Design Studio Design Ideate and build off teammates’ ideas to come up with creative solutions to a problem or design challenge.
  • At 18.00 UTC on 6 January 2014, the wind direction changed to northwesterly, allowing the sea ice to spread into the open-water area.
  • Predictions of tidal elevation for Commonwealth Bay from 25 December 2013 to 7 January 2014.

Single particle 3D reconstructions can be made from particles in each ice group to access the effect of ice thickness. These functionalities are especially valuable for on-the-fly processing to automatically pick as many particles as possible from each micrograph and to select optimal ice regions for data collection. Finally, the estimated ice gradient distributions can be stored separately and used to inspect the general quality of prepared samples. Their main requirement was that the tool provides the total daily and monthly spend in a simple and easy-to-understand manner — especially, as much of this data would be shared with C-levels in the organization. They didn’t need a lot of organizational tools and pay for features that might be more useful to a large enterprise. Roadmap Agile Understand your customers’ experience at every stage and plan for future development. Process Flowchart Empathize icebreakers for virtual meetings Diagram the steps and inputs of a business process to identify opportunities for improvement.

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I’ve been pleased to see that the memes they choose always have some snark, but they look for the silver lining, too. We take time to commiserate, appreciate really good memes, laugh, and move on. It’s a bit of a palate cleanser before we dig into the heart of the retro. Lunch break is a great time to get to know some new people. The sessions you attended during the morning always work as an icebreaker.

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In tough winters, the pro-business Lake Carriers’ Association estimates that limited icebreaking resources in the Great Lakes inflicts over a billion dollars of damage to the U.S. economy and costs about 5,000 jobs. Icebreaker recently went on a digital transformation journey together with Mulesoft, shifting from Point-to-Point integration onto MuleSoft’s Runtime Fabric , an API-led architecture.

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At this stage the location of RV Xuelong was close to the boundary between new and old ice (Fig. 5), with the sea-ice concentration east of RV Xuelong decreasing further. Consequently RV Xuelong was advised to proceed southeastwards, enabling her to break free of the ice. A personal favorite -that I don’t see often- came from Leslie Riley. You give people a minute to write down everything they need to remember from what they were doing last. Once that minute is up, people can focus on the meeting in front of them.

  • Since her commissioning on January 17, 1976, Polar Star’s 24 deployments in support of Operation Deep Freeze are second only to USCGC Glacier (WAGB-4) and her 29 Deep Freeze missions.
  • Collaborative Note Taking Olivia Hewitt Understand Taking notes becomes a team sport.
  • Single particle 3D reconstructions can be made from particles in each ice group to access the effect of ice thickness.
  • Our customers use MuleSoft to transform their industries and drive incredible innovation.
  • Customer Journey Map Product School Design Think critically about your users’ needs and motivations using Proto-Personas and Experience Mapping.
  • After Polar Sea was deactivated in 2010, Polar Star became the US’s only heavy icebreaker.

Collaborative Prototyping Voltage Control Voltage Control Design Efficient and productive prototyping with the whole team. Collaborative Note Taking Olivia Hewitt Understand Taking notes becomes a team sport. Brand Design Brainstorm Creative Market Design Help facilitate the process of designing a brand for a client remotely. Information Technology Empower hybrid, remote, or distributed teams to work better together. Executives Activate imagination and innovation across all your teams.


On the other hand, a number of shear zones (yellow lines in Fig. 2), extending north-northwest, have been identified to the north of MGT. In our region of interest the general ice drift was to the north, with the first-year ice in the west moving slower than that further to the east.

  • Value Stream Mapping Design Improve the flow of value through your delivery of products or services.
  • Replacement ships for what is called the Polar Security Cutter program have been ordered for a new generation of USCG icebreakers.
  • Search the vast number of job opportunities available on the Internet in an easy-to-use search engine by citing job listings from job boards, recruitment agency websites, and large professional recruiting websites.
  • Later upgrades allowed it to serve as a scientific research platform with five laboratories, additional space for seven portable laboratories on deck and accommodations for up to 35 scientists.
  • All users can see, edit, or delete their personal information at any time .

611 ចូលចិត្ត, 13 មតិ។ វីដេអូ TikTok ពី TechToby (@techtoby)៖ “Reply to @caza450 Microsoft Azure Cloud certification #microsoft #cloudcomputing #azure #aws #techtok #tech #techtips #worktok #CloseYourRings”។ original sound. Feedback Grid Evaluate Organize your feedback so that you improve your product or service according to customer needs. Silent Circuit Brainstorm Generate ideas about a wide range of problems. This brainstorming template is ideal for incorporating different learning styles and personality types. Scenario Map Understand Make better decisions in each stage of development by ensuring your design is grounded in the context of your user’s real world situations. Value Stream Mapping Design Improve the flow of value through your delivery of products or services. For the Intel has 16 cores vs ARM has 32 cores, in the end the comparison is about price/performance and if a real Intel core costs more than 2X a real ARM, then users will move to ARM.

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