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Cost-efficient Healthcare Software Development: to Hire or to Outsource?

You can also consider the above-listed guide for custom healthcare software development. If you need assistance in implementing healthcare software, feel free to contact Zenkins’s experts. A few significant advantages can be achieved when creating healthcare software. It is important to consider that a successful software installation will also significantly increase productivity and healthcare quality.

  • A custom application solves specific business problems or takes into account relevant user needs, making a digital service convenient and personalized.
  • For example, some fitness apps might give out digital awards and issue coupons or discounts for specific achievements.
  • This is one of the most preferred ways for overall cost optimization of a telemedicine app.
  • If you are ready with your specifications and need an exact estimate on how much your project would actually cost, our team can help you out.
  • The growing number of COVID-19 cases is also another reason for the rapid growth of the digital healthcare industry.

As per the rock health digital health funding report, the venture capital investment in the digital health space in the H1 of 2022 counted for $10.3 billion, while the overall funding stood at $21 billion. Identify usability issues, discuss UX improvements, and radically improve your digital product with our UX review sessions. We enhance usability and craft designs that are unconventional and intuitively guides users into a splendid visual journey.

Every digital medical product or service developed at Arka Softwares is matched with HIPPA, BAA, FDA compliances. Since we are talking about the health of people, it is our highest priority to offer an optimum quality of software and mobile apps that people can trust. When working with an internal team, it can be difficult to grow the team and make changes to the technology that would improve the project’s scope. Flexibility is important in the case of healthcare custom software development. Developers who use outsourcing are far more numerous and adaptable, giving you the option to work with those who meet your requirements.

The complexity of health apps – mostly the complicated healthcare environment –is what drives up development time. The total time taken by healthcare iOS app developers to build an iOS app also plays a huge role in deciding the cost to make the app. The time taken to develop an app is directly related to the number of developers.

One of the most significant costs is the development of the application itself, especially if it is complicated, and in digital health usually such are. These features may not be found in all telemedicine apps, but as telehealth matures and patients come to expect more from telemedicine apps, the feature list is growing. We are a full-service web development company with several years of experience building innovative hospital software. With our exceptional skills, be sure your projects are in capable hands. You get an in-house team of research and development experts to help you transform your organization with innovative solutions. Take advantage of our R&D centers to help you provide better services, automate manual processes, optimize patient care and coordination, and save money.

How to Monetize a Telemedicine App?

Another key step before you start developing the software is defining the tasks that need to be done, to create your product, as well as the time frames for them. It might seem like a desktop version is all your future customers might need. Yet, a mobile version (Android, iOS or cross-platform) or a mobile adaptation of a web version is necessary for any application nowadays, considering the widespread use of mobile devices. This medical app development functionality helps consumers to log in or sign up for the healthcare smartphone app using their email address or social networking profiles such as LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook. With this method, you have no staffing costs, access to talent with decent industry experience from other parts of the world, and easier adaptation. Unfortunately, this path comes with time zone differences and potential difficulties with control.

Healthcare software development costs

You can also go with a membership model wherein the patients take a monthly subscription to the application and pay for accessing the different feature sets of the app at a discounted rate. Also, you can provide your product as a software-as-a-service https://globalcloudteam.com/ where you can tie with corporations for their employees’ healthcare needs. Before we get into the different facets of telemedicine app development cost, let us look into the players you will share the space with.


We come up with a feature set based on your app specifications and what you want to achieve. Our skilled engineers come up with UI and UX in keeping with your organizational goals. With Jelvix’s mobile healthcare apps, you can facilitate the interaction between doctors and patients, providing flexibility and relevance.

Healthcare software development costs

It is one of the most crucial features to include in a healthcare app for iOS. This functionality enables the monitoring of a patient’s health conditions such as blood pressure, sugar levels, heart rate, calories intake, etc. That uses vocal information to provide you with a complete well-being analysis report on your personal health. It is the first resonant frequency based personal wellness system designed by renowned healthcare iOS app developers.

How much does the digital health application cost?

Most people want the ability to speak with physicians in real-time without having to attend physically. Telehealth programs include all city dwellers with busy schedules and those who live in remote communities with little access to healthcare. Integration with a video chat client is needed to create a telemedicine app. If the IT team does not know the essential features of the industry, they can’t protect medical data and comply with standards. Some startups hire full-time specialists, and others try to find an IT partner for an hourly rate. These measures will remove misunderstandings between the development team and the customer.

Healthcare software development costs

This innovation creates close remote connections between physicians and patients, eliminating all the traditional barriers between them. In the new reality, each medical record will become digital and link all the specialties separated currently. With this set-up, a viable option is to hire essential team members in-house, and hire outsourced specialists for the rest of the positions. However, keep in mind that hiring employees in-house comes with many challenges and additional expenses.

How much does a billing software cost?

There are also problems with EHR adoption; for example, patients frequently encounter device glitches, which can have a detrimental impact on medical treatment. Because of malware attacks and general privacy issues, certain people chose to opt-out. This is due to the popularity of recent digital innovations, such as AI, telemedicine, AR/VR and cloud computing. I also see great potential for investing in internet of things devices and robotic process management, which simplify the exchange of information and interaction with patients. But despite the willingness of investors to finance startups, only a few of these startups succeed. We influence million of users and is the most authentic source of information on healthcare business and technology news.

IPhone app development is an ideal choice for your health app as it offers several benefits such as instant global exposure, higher ROI and revenue, robust security, and more. Now all you need is a reliable iOS app development company to get started. 54,000 iOS healthcare apps on the Apple Store in the last quarter of 2021.

Medical website developers from SPDLoad created an outstanding solution for telemedicine patients. Feature Description Create and manage user profile This is a feature, that allows users to create an account, sign up, sign in, and use your website. User-friendly navigation Accessibility is vital in medical web development. When you are done with HIPAA compliance, it’s time to add the healthcare website’s features. Tool Description SSL Certificate A non-SSL website is technically insecure, so it’s better to have an SSL certificate.

Can I hire Healthcare software developers from your team?

ScienceSoft’s healthcare IT experts will estimate the costs of HIPAA-compliant software development to help you allocate the necessary budget for your project. Specifics of a HIPAA-compliant development plan depend on the type of medical software and its functional scope. ScienceSoft designed the following generalized plan of HIPAA-compliant medical software development based on our 17 years of hands-on experience in the domain.

A company like Arkenea, that specializes in the field of healthcare software development can help you get a realistic estimate of the development costs. By sharing your exact requirements, you can get to know what sort of budget you would need to convert your software idea into reality. As part of our telehealth app development services, we consult with you to understand your software requirements.

Web App Development

How to develop a health app that helps patients manage medications and be consistent about their usage? The main goal of medication tracking applications is to remind users when to take their medication and to help them follow through with their post-discharge treatment plan. Besides sending notifications and reminders, apps like Medisafe and Mango Health help patients find the most affordable medication in their area. They assess the prices of certain medications in different pharmacies nearby and come up with a comprehensive report. Using drug trackers helps users follow their treatment schedules and take their medication on time.

HIPAA-Compliant Software Development Process

Take a look at one of our client cases in the field of healthcare to see how we coped with the challenge and what solution we created based on the initial requirements. Choosing the right software development partner is the most important thing in the whole process. The final product quality depends on this choice so take your time and do some thorough research. You want to find a few companies on the market with the relevant experience and appropriate pricing. Consider each option carefully and don’t forget to check out the clients’ reviews.

Moreover, Big Data causes problems with its management — which is, again, a serious challenge for software maintenance. From the standpoint of business, this approach results in greater brand management, reputation increase, and better service delivery. This direction especially strengthens the human-centered approach in healthcare, meaning dedicating a huge effort to create value. They link numerous advantages of solutions in the area, including optimization of treatment plans, easy tracking of health progress, and availability of online professional consultations.

Healthcare app developers use VR technology to make specific procedures less painful by immersing the patient into a joyful VR experience, as well as reducing the costs of education. The following technologies can help you in developing a health app that stands out and attracts a wide range of the population. We will walk you through the entire process of the healthcare application development and deliver a prototype to test the concept and validate its feasibility, all within a month.

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